Create SP.FieldLookup using JavaScript and CSOM

In this post I show how to create a lookup column in SharePoint 2013 using JavaScript and CSOM.

I used this code within a SharePoint App that has beed deployed to Office 365. The code should also work in SharePoint 2013 On-Premis Apps. The lists are created in host web.

Step 1: Context objects and global variables

We need access to the SP.Context object and SP.Web object. If you develop an app and needs access to the host web, read this arcticle from mavention: SharePoint App accessing data from host web.

// Assign your App-Context and Web-Object to these variables
var m_appContext = {...};
var m_hostWeb = {...};

// The following variables are used later in this code across multiple functions. 
var m_createListLookup = undefined;
var m_createListLookupMain = undefined;
var m_createFieldLookup = undefined;

Step 1: Create two lists

First we need two lists where one list is the lookup list for the other.

        // Lookup list
        var listCreationInfoLookup = new SP.ListCreationInformation();
        listCreationInfoLookup.set_title('Lookup List');
        m_createListLookup = m_hostWeb.get_lists().add(listCreationInfoLookup);

        // List that will have lookup field
        var listCreationInfoLookupMain = new SP.ListCreationInformation();
        listCreationInfoLookupMain.set_title('Lookuping List');
        m_createListLookupMain = m_hostWeb.get_lists().add(listCreationInfoLookupMain);

       // When lists are created, we continue to create the field in the method create_ListsWithLookupField_Succeeded
            function () {});

Step 2: Create Lookup field

Now we can add a lookup field to the List “Lookuping List” that looks for the title field from the List “Lookup List”.

    create_ListWithLookupField_Succeeded = function (sender, args) {
        // Add Lookup Field
        m_createFieldLookup = m_createListLookupMain.get_fields().addFieldAsXml(
            '<Field DisplayName=\'MyField\' Type=\'Lookup\' />',
        var fieldLookup = m_appContext.castTo(m_createFieldLookup, SP.FieldLookup);
        // Here is the magic:

            function () { });

    create_ListWithLookupField_Succeeded2 = function (sender, args) {
        alert("Field created: " + m_createFieldLookup.get_title());

Now you can browser your host web and add data to the lists and see that there is a lookup field looking up data from the other list.


3 Responses to “Create SP.FieldLookup using JavaScript and CSOM”

  1. Reblogged this on Share… What? and commented:
    I am impressed. An excelent example of the power of JavaScript and the SharePoint client object model

  2. Hi Alexander,

    Thanks for the Post..
    List Creation and Lookup is working fine. When I use the Lookup in the Subsite, the values from the List are not populating.
    Is there any work around for that.


  3. Any idea how to bring in multiple columns from your lookup list? I know there’s an “addDependentLookup” method but how would it be used?

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